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scene #1 - FOUNTAIN - #1
Felicia - " Wow , guess what I heard?
There was a contest to get to be a production assistant.
You could be on Jonnas' new project!
Have you submitted you're entry?"
Jess - "Of course, you silly wolf!
Been working on it for some time -  
just tweaking it to perfection"
scene #2
Several months pass and the contest concludes - 
there are 5 lucky spots and I want to get in -  
there are different categories for this contest...
i submit photos and writing essays/story boarding ideas
...and Jess sends some amazing vids -  
i really see her as a mentor...
scene #3  - Reflections
We had such a great summer holiday
1st meeting - we text a while
i'm parked down the street of her house.
I don't want to just barge in there
she needs time for the acceptance of this becoming REAL
We try the slug not hug thing and do not connect
falling on our asses into the street
we were quite a crazy site - we sure were...
I was able to teach Jess how to drive a car
she was so cute and nervous but we did it
We visit the castles in Wales  -
They are shooting Kurt Sutters new show and i'm fangirling about it to Jess
she feigns interest after hearing the premise of reluctant Knights
and their change and the turmoil we all face
Stonehenge - We had to stay back but it was BRILLIANT ANYWAY!!!
Forest - 
We chased each other into the forest & got to rest in a clearing.
We laughed and laughed cause i tripped on a log & got a little bloodied up.
I am such a KLUTZ especially around Jess
I was so nervous to meet her I ended up going to Wolverhampton -
packing only my 2 left feet.............Hunting for Pearls - #2
i really wanted to stay with her
WE saw the COAST -  WE watched the STARS
We got to practice OUR MAGIC
Dummy me slept in the car and froze my ass off!!!
scene #4
I end up renting a room
so we could try to consummate our VAMPIRE PACT
scene #5
From the looks we got - 
Some people thought I was her MASTER and she was my PET,
...but they had it all wrong - for that PET was THE MASTER -
and i was just putty in her hands
Well J was drinking same SHADY - While I was drinking Fireball on the rocks & we are having so much fun @ a PRIVATE TABLE IN THE BACK ROOM
I FEEL REALLY BOLD & i know i said i wouldn't but I grazed her &
she felt my SPARK - IGNITE THE NIGHT (I had left my gloves @ the motel - he he)
I could not resist she was so BREATHTAKING  in the dim candlelight
I pulled her close to kiss me and OMFG - fucking every holidays and great feeling i've ever had acclimated  into a MAGNIFICENT BURST OF ENERGY!!!
Our bodies ignite into a fury of passion &
Jess lets herself finally come out of her shell
& she is into it and is
kissing me back -
She is flustered with her first experience of PASSION 
She wants to RUN - but she is enjoying this feeling & will not DISENGAGE
Our bodes and mouths and tongues are tantalizing in a kind of a tango
as we move to the music in our heads
I normally cant stand go for forever kisses... 
...but i also do not want to stop this
The waiter interrupts us with a "HMMM Excuse me"
he asks us if we need a cold one to refresh us
(i was quite surprised, they didn't say for us to get a room...
haha - I was glad that we already had one)
we order two more drinks while we break for air
They were playing some great music
and Jess actually TALKED
to a couple of people from her area
I was glad she did possibly make a couple friends that night
As i only want to help her BE FREE
I just want the BEST for JESS
the jealous WOLF was healed from the love of Jess PURE SOUL
I was so proud of my CO-COMPANION that night - 
We are both a bit faded,
but crazy me I dance &
everyone is mesmerized @ my movements
As I convey my spirit to the entire room
Jess cant believe how bold and expressive i am
just doing this ridiculous dance
but my flow and energy light up the dimly lit dungeon
The bar is set to close and Jess is starving
we find a late night eatery to keep our energies flowing
scene #6
I am pleasantly surprised that
Jess asks me to spark up a cone
so she could try it before her dinner
she took a couple small puffs
& her eyes went half mast - 
she was so relaxed
she was utterly FREE & ZEN
Jess is lusting for flesh & orders a meaty sandwich
DAMN!!! it looked good as she devoured it
My hunger desired for Jess NOT FOOD ATM
but i ordered a SUPER BIRD and Fries to go
and ordered another sandwich for Jess to pick at later
Thin #6
Scene - 7 - motel time
We drive back to the motel & we are
excited, nervous and free @ the same time
Jess agreed that she had enjoyed her time with me
& wanted to join with me and bond ourselves
with a blood pact
I somehow acquired surgical scalpels (tools)
for us to use, so it would be more sterile and less painful
As i slice into her sweet flesh
I take care to only get our what i want/need from her
1/4 teaspoon of her blood to change her like myself.
Chasing Kites #7 & Ripple #8
Last Dancer #9 - Shadowshow #10 - Dive #11 
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